[Solved] Subaru Bluetooth Not Automatically Connecting To Phone

I have a 2014 Subaru Forester.
Previously, I was using an iPhone 4S on iOS 7 and every time I started the car, the phone would automatically connect to Bluetooth. Worked great.

I switched to an iPhone 5S on iOS 8 and that stopped working.

I tried deleting and re-pairing through the radio about a dozen times. Still didn’t work.

Finally, I remembered the audio pairing option available through the steering wheel control. Turns out, I think I had maxed out the number of connected devices there. Apparently, the radio and audio settings don’t interact with each other.

I talked through the BT setup options, deleted all the devices I had installed there and re-paired my iPhone.

Problem solved!


  1. This worked for me also. I switched to an iPhone 8 and it would not automatically pair to my Forrester 2015. Using the voice command controls on the steering wheel and deleting my phone that way, then re-pair via voice controls worked !

  2. I had no problem with old mobile phone. I now have a new phone and tried several times to pair with the car, but, I had to change my passkey several times. Now I get memory full and can’t get the phone and the Blue Tooth on the car to pair up? I follow all the instructions, but get the same message that the memory is full. How do I get rid of the memory and start over?

  3. I just got the iphone X and had the same problem with my 2013 Subaru Outback. I just did this, and it worked. “Delete any existing Bluetooth devices through the radio menu. Press the OFF hook button on the steering wheel. Use the radio buttons or voice control to continue. SETUP / PHONE SETUP / PAIR PHONE / RECORD NAME. Say the owner’s name (at least 2 syllables, so you may need to say the name twice or add a last or middle name). CONFIRM. Go into your phone’s bluetooth menu, select CAR MULTIMEDIA, and enter the passkey (1234 in my case).”

  4. I have a Forester 2015 and I was having problems setting up the Bluetooth with my new Android phone. I followed your instructions and it’s working great now. I find I can’t be listening to an audiobook and map directions (both on my phone) at the same time though. With my previous vehicle it would interrupt the audiobook to give the map directions when it needed to. I’ve come to accept that I can’t hear both with this vehicle though.

  5. I own an Outback 2011and have problems with Bluetooth connectivity with my iPhone 5
    on incoming calls.


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