You Can’t Sell Your Rosetta Stone Software

2013 Update: An excellent FREE alternative to Rosetta Stone is Duolingo.

You can’t sell your Rosetta Stone software. You don’t own it. You lease it. Read on…

We’ve been using the Rosetta Stone Spanish software for a couple of years, but not as much lately so we decided to sell it on eBay.

My listing was pulled after a few days. No message, no alert. Just gone.

Guess what… YOU CAN’T SELL IT

When I emailed eBay and asked why, they said “With regard to your item, your listing was removed because BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US) reported that the listing infringed intellectual property rights. Because BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US) is the verified rights owner in this case, we’re required to remove the listing.”

Obviously, I emailed BSA. Their reply:

“We, at the Business Software Alliance, act on our member companies behalf. They provide us with criteria to use to determine if an auction should be referred to eBay.

Your auction was shut down because Rosetta Stone’s products are copyrighted and unauthorized reproduction or distribution is illegal. In addition, Rosetta Stone’s End User License Agreement expressly states that the license to use this product is non-transferable.”

So, be advised. When you buy Rosetta Stone software, you will NOT be able to resell it without breaking the law.

Sound silly? Contact Rosetta Stone and tell them.


  1. This is exactly why people don’t like DRM, because it doesn’t protect the proprietor (the person who purchased the item), but it protects, wealthy, rich stock investors.

    Free is good, and if it’s on the Internet, there’s no reason it can’t be free for everyone: — 1,000’s of free language lessons for a dozen languages. Why pay for it, if the same thing is around for free?

  2. No one buys Rosetta Stone any more. Just down load the DuoLingo App … It’s FREE and exactly like Rosetta Stone, but FREE and you can take it with you on your mobile devices anywhere you go. Rosetta Stone also has an app, but again why pay for something you can get for free from somewhere else.

    Rosetta Stone is way over priced.

    Also, I really like the FREE:

    Drops App
    Chinese Skill App

    So bottom line quit wasting valuable time and money on Rosetta Stone and use either DuoLingo or Drops for free instead.

    • actually, this rosetta stone software falls under the “First Sale Doctrine” laws and they can NOT tell you you cant sell it, only places like ebay that buckle to them will pull the ads, well for some anyway and it takes a complaint from a so called “Authorized reseller”

    • thank for the duolingo i didn’t know there was a free language app

  3. My son bought me RS Spanish {European} for christmas 2012 as we were emigrating to Spain {summer 2013}. I loaded it on my laptop but hardly used it. Now here in Spain we are trying to learn Spanish with lessons costing us 20 Euros a week. I now have a new laptop {old one nearly had it} but as I had all the CDs as well as the audio etc thought it would be no problem to load it on the new laptop but cannot locate the activation code. RS support say that they cannot do anything without proof of purchase. Not realistic after nearly 3 years. I feel so angry as this would have cost our son a lot of money and I am also angry with myself for mislaying the code when I had carefully kept everything else together. I foolishly thought the code would be stored somewhere on the old laptop but they tell me no. I know that nobody reads the small print but feel there should be a more up front warning about the restrictions to purchasers. Don’t think there are any answers just wanted to point this out to potential buyers!!

  4. Brand New SEALED UNOPENED brand new Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish Level 1,2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion Homeschool Edition, Version 3


    Originally purchased for $430

    I ​was going to use it for homeschool but never opened or used it.

    Anyone willing to repurchase for $200?

  5. R.S. has a non-playback feature built into the software so that it won’t play on any other devices than the first one it was installed on, as linked through the internet. It doesn’t matter if you sell it or give it away.

    • I am not sure that is true. I have had my RS for years and uninstalled and reinstalled completely on a number of computers.

  6. Does anyone have Polish levels 1-3 with real activation codes? I will buy them.

  7. I found this blog after trying to sell my copy of Rosetta Stone Japanese Level 1 on eBay and it got pulled. So the question is can I sell a rock, and include a free gift with that rock – Rosetta Stone Japanese Level 1 – technically I would not be selling the software, I would be giving it away with the purchase of my rock.

    Any thoughts?

  8. Just torrent the software if you don’t want to buy it or you are unsure if the used copy you are buying will work, no issue of resale either

  9. Hi, is there someone who would like to share French 1 to 5??? I started the course and am enjoying it, although as I never learnt French before I also did buy Schaun’s Grammar as it comes with more in dept grammar explanations and exercises.
    If you would like to share the program you can to download in to 1 computer.
    If you are interested please email me with your offer, my email is
    Im happy to receive a Paypal payment.


    • Do you still have your Chinese Rosetta?

  11. Am looking for Russian,and Arabic if a used copy comes up

    • Hi Debbie, I have Arabic Levels 1-3 as well as Mandarin Levels 1-2. authentic & sealed. email me at [email protected] for more info. I can send you pictures of the box, etc. $125 each or Best Offer.

  12. Hi,

    I have a Rosetta stone Spanish (Latin America) set 1,2,3,4,5 that I just found out is useless without a proper activation key. It was a gift from someone who bought it for me overseas and even though it was brand new, genuine (I thought and so did they) with a user guide, etc. the product code doesn’t work!
    I called Rosetta Stone customer service and they said the activation key was deactivated, something about it possibly being a reseller and they require a whole lot of information to even begin to help me that it will be impossible for me or the person who gifted this to me to get. Basically this entire set is useless, I can’t go past Level 1 section 2, so I have that and the audio CD’s.
    Any idea where I can get an activation code or how to bypass the locks on my computer? (Mac) Anyone on here have the same type of set and only activated it on 1 computer? I’d pay for a working one. Thanks in advance My email is [email protected]

  13. I have Rosetta Stone Dutch 1,2 and 3 with audio companion. Installed on one computer so should be able to install on another. Barely used. I found it wasn’t for me. $50 if you’re interested. My email is [email protected]

  14. I have level I French and Spanish. Brand new. If interested contact me at [email protected].

  15. I have a Rosetta Stone Totals Version 4 Levels 1-5 for sale. Paypal. Please email at [email protected] for more details.

  16. I have RS Portuguese (Brazil) Version 3, Levels 1 & 2. It is complete in the yellow boxes w/ activation codes, and I will include the headset. Email me at [email protected], and we can work something out.

    • I know this is a long shot but do you still have your Portuguese RS for sale?

  17. I have a new in sealed from the factory box: Rosetta stone spanish (latin) version 4 levels 1,2,3,4,5 with headsets
    Message me if interested. I bought it directly from Rosetta Stone and it has never been opened. My husband and I are selling items of value to pay off some hospital bills so we’d like to sell our copy of this but are willing to take 50% off retail.

    My ebay auction was removed today – I had no idea about any of this.
    email me at [email protected] if you wish

  18. Would Someone Out There Please Help Me….I just spent over $600 to buy my little brother rosetta stone…his birthday is in the 10th…Day before Yesterday my car was broken into …guess what was in it …..Yep my brand new rossetta stone software..aka my little brothers birthday present, I AM SICK OVER THIS..and I wont lie, I absolutlely can not afford to replace it ( I cant afford to get him anuthing after that) .. I am hoping someone out there has a big enough heart to help me .. I would be forever greatful… thanks ,,anhellica

  19. I have a new version of RS German 1-5 that has been deactivated and available for activation on up to 1 computer. I am willing to give away this program as a “FREE DONATION”, as long as a headset is purchased from me for a given price. Email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss a price for the headset along with the “donation”.

  20. In keeping with the rules, would someone like to discuss with me the prospect of using my old Rosetta Stone Russian v2 Levels 1? [email protected]
    Will ship from Seattle, or feel free to pick-up locally.
    Purchased brand new, directly from RS in 2005. For first few years, it was sitting in a closet (husband had a good intentions, but didn’t find time for it). Then, in about 2010, it was installed on our son’s computer (one computer only). Was used very briefly, since a kid already new some basics and needed more advanced levels. I just purchased a new RS Russian levels 1-5 for him. Let me know, if interested in my old one.
    Email questions directly to [email protected].
    I found this blog looking for answers Why My Posting Was Removed from eBay this morning 🙂 Oh, well…

  21. Somehow I was able to sell my used Hebrew Rosetta Stone on ebay without knowing there was anything illegal about it. However, the buyer cannot install it. Is there a way to make it work?

  22. looking for german [email protected] “Let me borrow your set” and i can pay back that loan i took from you

  23. I want to learn French—with rosetta stone [email protected] and I need it to be cheap as i am retired. Hoping to find one in a garage sale but getting yours would be easier. 🙂

  24. Hi, I am looking for a level 1 or 1-3, ITALIAN Rosetta Stone, at a GREAT price, New or used in new condition. If you are a collector of anything in particular, maybe a trade can be possible. Please email me . Thank you!

  25. Would like to learn French , will pay shipping And tutorial fee for same. Send offers and ideas to inspiration [email protected].

  26. Looking for French, Polish, Russian, and Arabic if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  27. In the UK / EU Please.

  28. I am looking for a French Rosetta Stone preferably levels 1-5 – I literally just “bought” one on ebay, completed the transaction with a new ebay user and then was emailed by ebay that the item had been removed by them and that I SHOULD NOT PAY!!! So I rushed to cancel the paypal payment thinking I was being protected from being ripped off as sometimes unfortunately occurs.

    Having read all the above I realize that probably I and the seller where in the right! And I lost out on a good deal….


    • I purchased R.S. German off of Ebay – but it won’t play in any of my devices. They have a non-playback feature in their software.

  29. So frustrated…I bought Rosetta Stone on eBay and never had time to use it. I was not told at time of purchase that I would not own it, that I was just leasing it!
    My eBay ad to sell it was removed. Called Rosetta Stone…all I got was a rude jerk on the phone. Couldn’t even answer a direct question as to how can they not require their dealers to inform the purchaser before the sale that you cannot re-sell it! How can they get away with that??? Can’t sell it on ebay, or craigs list. How can these sites support unethical sales practices? Anyway, anyone need to buy a box for ver 3 spanish 1-5….just selling the box, you can have what’s inside for free! [email protected]

  30. On eBay, can you give the Rosetta Stone software away for free in an auction where you sell the headphones for $200? Maybe this is a workaround?

  31. Looking for Italian 1-? discounted (but not on two computers lol)…. for our teen for Christmas (that’s what he wants!) It’s $349 for 1-5 new on Amazon…. Let me know if you have one for sale you bought new to begin with (so we know it wasn’t on any or more than one computer at least) and GUARANTEE it will work for us or our money back. Not sure how to handle this as ebay provides protection…. and both of us would be trusting a stranger (bad idea lol). If you want to ship it to me (very well packed UPS) , let me try it and then I’ll pay you or ship it back, I have no problem with you knowing who I am and you can feel free to tell the world I am a scumbag thief if I didn’t pay you etc… I have run my own business, and will be again (had a baby last year) so I would have something substantial to lose with my name. Best I can figure….??? We have 6 kids and I just cannot risk losing any money though. [email protected] John and Kim Jarvis [email protected], please let me know if you’re interested.

  32. I have the Yellow Box Portuguese if anyone would like it for free. Just pay a donation of $100. It is Brazil one. I take Paypal I find it amazing that for almost my whole SSI check I can not sell. It is complete and will give you return for 30 days. Just have one

  33. I tried twice to list mine on ebay, and it was also kicked off. So Level 1, 2, &3 Italiano still in the box, everything is there…………………
    [email protected]

  34. Hello,
    I am looking for the Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American) 1-5 system. If anyone is interested in selling their copy at a reasonable price. please email me at
    [email protected]

  35. I bought Rosetta Stone French. There are around 120 modules within it. All is well up until the 30 th module. Then they make this quantum leap from words or phrases into complete sentence without any real training in that regard. I would avoid Rosetta and wish I could sell mine.

  36. I need the German version
    Please email me if you have it:[email protected]

  37. Have Rosetta Stone French V3 – Levels 1,2 & 3. My husband and I purchased at full retail price a few years ago but never even opened the box. It is STILL SEALED and yet when I listed it on Ebay yesterday, it was promptly removed! I don’t understand how they consider this a “transfer” of license when the product was never opened or activated. I will give it to you if you pay for the “shipping” as I really want to recoup some of the cost for this unused product. We paid around $400 for this!!

  38. Who will sell me their Rosetta Stone to learn Russian? Must have proper codes for it to work. Steve

  39. Done a quick scan thru’ this site and it would appear that there are a shed -load wanting to sell and I want to buy a Rosetta Stone 1-5 system. How can we match up?

  40. I tried to sell my copy of Rosetta Stone French on ebay and had it removed…..I sent them a reply, then came across this site, here’s the reply I sent to them.

    When you go to buy a copy of Rosetta stone from e-bay, brand new from an approved retailer, you are placing yourselves in a very sticky situation, as the button I press states “Buy it now”……not “Lease it now”

    This is then covered under the Sales of Goods act in the U.K…….and as I’m purchasing the item from a U.K. based company via, and not from a U.S. based company via the sales of goods act should overide any foreign licence laws as it’s purchased from what is technically, a U.K. shop!

    Microsoft had the same problem with their xbox console, they want to keep the intellectual property rights, but once you purchase an item…’s yours… can do whatever you want with it except copy/reproduce it……your certainly entitled to sell it again, the same as cd’s dvd’s books etc etc.

    Just because a foreign company/body tells you that you’ve not to sell their item via your site because it broke law “blah blah blah” doesn’t make it set in stone when selling in another country.

    with Rosetta stones “Hidden” policy of not stating at point of purchase “YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RE-SELL THIS ITEM” they are being very sneaky.

    with the above in mind, I would be well within my rights to send the owners of Rosetta Stone an invoice for storage costs for their product, from the day of purchase till the day of my death as I cannot/am not permitted to sell it……If anyone approached me in the street and asked me to hold/store their intellectual property on my computer, for an undesignated length of time and without copying any of their works, then I’d expect to be be PAID to do so.

    Once again, ebay showing why everyone is flocking to rival sites.

  41. I have just had my Turkish level 1,2 & 3 removed from ebay, I was also unaware of this not being allowed to be sold on.

  42. I’ve been removed from Ebay. I have the spanish (latin america) totale version 4 levels 1-5 with headset, registration card, and online support. email me if you’re interested with an offer. [email protected]

  43. My eBay listing was removed today. I thought since my copy is brand new never opened then i had the right to sell it. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. anyway I have Spanish (Latin America) Totale Version 4 levels 1-5. My email is [email protected]

  44. I had the same issue on eBay! My listing was just pulled the other day. There are plenty of people selling them there. I think if someone reports you that is why some get pulled and some don’t. Needless to say I bought 4 Rosetta Stones from an estate sale, never knew I couldn’t resell them!

    I’ve got Spanish Latin America Version 3, Levels 1-5 Brand new!!!
    Email me if you’re interested:

    [email protected]

  45. Thank you all for the posts. I’ve decided against buying the Rosetta Stone products based on the comments at this website.

  46. My 18 year old son, who took 4 years of French in High School asked for the Rosetta Stone French to maintain the French he learned in school, since we live in an area that doesn’t have many French people to practice with. I personally learned to speak Spanish by taking one year in HS (for the grammar) but learned in six months when I married a Spanish speaking man and working in an all Spanish speaking kitchen. Total submersion is the best way to learn. Anyhow…
    After the sticker shock, I naturally looked at Amazon then Ebay and after not seeing any USED for sale, I googled the question ofcourse, which brought me here. I have spent the last hour reading all of these comments and I am so glad I research before I buy, because now, I don’t want to risk buying it used (because of the limited loads) and because of this resale and return issue. This is such a shame such a highly advertised product and all of these problems. My son also wants to learn Russian, but I will have to research another product now. I too am kinda addicted to learning a new language. Since I know Spanish, I can detect the latin and pick up similarities in other romantic languages. I personally would like to learn Mandarin, Japanese, and German.
    Kudos to all of you folks who post your email or need to buy a used product “under the table” on this thread. It is a shame that piracy has made it so hard to get something used, and I agree that Rosetta Stone maybe should have some sort of program to “resell the product back to the company in a way of big discounts to purchase another language” or something like that.

    Maybe someone should come up with their own language learning software company and rival Rosetta Stone? Can anyone recommend another similar type of software that is not so expensive but is just as good?


  47. I just had this problem with eBay too. I have a new, unopened version of Rosetta Stone Spanish for Home School (1-5) that I purchased in May this year from my local Barnes and Nobles. I bought it for my boyfriend who doesn’t actually intend to use it. (Also bought the Home School version by accident) If someone wants to buy it, let me know. I can set up a PayPal transaction on the account. I’ll try Craigslist as well – it is just frustrating that I can’t sell something I haven’t opened and will never use. This product costs way too much money for me to just sit with it. [email protected]

  48. Would love German 1-3 or even 1-5. willing to pay

  49. I too tried to resell my legitimate Rosetta Stone software because the computer that it was on crashed and the data was lost. Each time the software is loaded onto a new computer, it counts as one seat, and you’re only given two. Furthermore, I wanted to sell my Rosetta Stone because a newer version came out, and they don’t offer upgrad discounts.
    The bottom line is that since Rosetta Stone’s copyright restricts reselling, then I will have to devalue what I am willing to pay for Rosetta Stone in the first place. Whatever I do buy from them, I will make sure that I use all levels and for the longest period of time. Ultimately, their copyright scheme should cost them more that it’s worth.

  50. Hello there,

    I am intetested in learning German.
    Levels 1-5 would be fantastic!
    Please email me if you can help me out.


  51. If you install the software on your computer and return the Rosetta Stone program, are you still able to use it if you returned it? After all it’s installed on your computer. I don’t have internet access, so I’m not getting any updates.

    Thank you

  52. They just took down my ad also, but I have the Spanish Latin America, Version 3, 1-5 with all peripherals and even an extra set of headphones (all direct from RS). If interested, email me at [email protected] – Will ship and accept Paypal.

  53. Had the same issue with eBay! My listing was just pulled the other day. Worst thing about it is that there are others selling it right now that clearly are not “authorized resellers.” How do they pick and choose who to report?

    At any rate, I’ve got Spanish (Latin America), Version 3, Levels 1-5. Never even opened the thing, still has the tape on the box! Email me if you’re interested:

    [email protected]

  54. Italian levels 1-5 complete with code. No headset (you can use any mic, even the one inside your laptop). $260. [email protected] free US shipping.

  55. I’ve got a French Level 1-5 unused that’d I’m trying to sell. Has not been activated and also has the order number. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested

  56. sorry on previous comment, My Name is David Cabrera, I don’t know why I wrote my wife name LOL.

  57. My wife had legal problems because she didn’t speak English well enough, somehow RS find out about her and they send the English software 1,2,3,4,&5 for free. But my computer was kind of slow and the software was kind of useless. A not long time ago I bought a new computer and installed the software, but I wasn’t able to use the same license key. So now I am planning to call RS to know if they can help me with this issue. So wish me luck. So they are not as evil as some people say we got the software for free KUDOS.

  58. I would love to “borrow” someone’s RS French and German. French for me and German for hubby!
    You can contact me at kategeer (at) hot mail (dot) com

  59. PS – How can you expect anyone to take you seriously with as many typos as your very short post has? You’re (that’s right, YOU’RE not YOUR) worse than a Nigerian scam artist. Focus on your–proper usage– grammar, spelling, and punctuation son; leave the critical thinking to the adults. Okay?!

  60. Tood, it’s obvious you are a very intelligent person. Create speculation, and draw conclusions without having any facts whatsoever; much less any evidence of your baseless claims. I on the other hand, have actual proof of the things that I’m saying; such as a selling history on ebay, tracking numbers of completed orders, and receipts (not generated by me) of orders placed. Also, what about my statement makes it “obvious” that I’m selling “illegal versions” (the appropriate term would actually be: Pirated Copies), that I get from CHINA much less, of the software? Yes, all of the packages I sell require the activation CARD, not just a code. So continue please, you seem to know so much, further illustrate your awesome psychic abilities.

    What an idiot. You are the reason many of the people experience what they’ve experienced on eBay; an ignorant person willing to make decisions with little or no information whatsoever, completely unwilling to listen to reason or take empirical evidence into consideration. Kudos to you Sir, a genuine, grade-A jerk!

  61. Jay,

    Your the reason and cause of the problems obviously your selling illegal versions that you get from china, ill bet yous requires no activation code, buyers should beware from sellers and stories like “i got a friend” yea right ..

  62. *attacking


    Wow… I am very surprised to see how many people have had this issue. I thought they were only going after sellers looking to sell multiples of the software; I had no idea they were acting average Joe’s and Jane’s. Well, I’ve been able to successfully sell a few, but I have also had a number of my listings removed. I have a relationship with a local kiosk store, so I’m authorized to sell from them, but apparently corporate HQ doesn’t want to hear it; I also don’t want to throw my buddy under the bus.

    Well, if anyone is looking to get a good price on the software, brand new, never registered, not even opened, please feel free to contact me. I’m just looking to make some extra money this summer and my friend runs a kiosk, so he can give me a decent discount.

    [email protected]

  64. I would love to get French levels 1-5 or 1-3 or just anything! Email me at [email protected]

  65. I need to buy the 1-5 level American English RS if anyone has one for sale.

    Thank you!

  66. What about a simple trade? I have a Greek R S course that I’d like to trade, even, for Spanish. Is that also “illegal”?

  67. Hi

    I have BRAND NEW SPANISH (SPAIN) Levels 1-5 to sell.
    I will sell for £200 or nearest offer.

    Shipped from UK

    email me at [email protected]


  68. I have French 1-3 available to borrow 🙂 as it is just gathering dust since I lost interest!

  69. hi guys,

    i have a BRAND NEW – SEALED Rosetta Stone Espanol levels 1-5 SPANISH LATIN AMERICA


    contact me on [email protected]

    thanks ( i also have 100% feedback on ebay)

  70. I have a Spanish (latin America) version 3 lessons 1-5 that my son bought for me a few christmas’s ago. I am shocked to see that my son basically paid over $600 for just the rights to use the software and not ownership. I am really disgusted with how R.S. treats their customers and how that is further reflected by their policies. My plan was to sell this on Ebay but clearly this is not an option. If anyone is interested in purchasing a new R.S. let me know…I would gladly sell it. [email protected]

  71. If it is version 2 you can install it on as many computers as you like. I have installed this on an iMac and 3 PCs. Only thing is Version 2 doesn’t work on Mac Lion and Rosetta Stone aren’t interested in providing a fix to the problem. They couldn’t care less, they got your money and that is all that matters to them.

  72. Bob did you pay the money, my dads just been through same thing, tried to sell a rs on eBay got pulled saying breaking copyright, now rs contact him ask for the copy to be sent to them which he did and now they want him to pay them £600. I can’t believe they can do this to people.

  73. I have a RS German 1&2 that just got pulled from ebay. [email protected]

  74. Sold a version 3 on eBay that I got off CL aparantly it was a fake copy, looked like the original to me, got a cease and desist from RS that was no problem as I only had the one copy. They want cash for the copy right infringement that I will probably pay, beats court option. I learned the hard way! There are a lot of fakes out there.

  75. I have Rosetta stone spanish (latin) 1,2,3,4,5 with headsets
    Sell for 240$
    email me at [email protected] if you wish

  76. My email G.eTK.eY1[at]gmail .com

  77. Can’t sell!?!?
    I have Rosetta stone French version3.
    What can I do with it?!?
    Email me with subject “Rosetta Stone” for an ideas.

  78. I am looking to buy a Rosetta Stone French 1 – 5. I can afford to pay about 125.00.



  79. Non-transferrable means I can’t buy it as a gift. I suppose thats $900 they won’t be getting.

    Does anyone know of a similar product?

  80. Looking for version 3 lession 1 of RS Mandarin. Anyone have a application disk for this?
    Please put Rosetta Stone in the subject line
    [email protected]

  81. Please message me if you have French available for me to borrow 🙂

    [email protected]

  82. Another method that could be utilized is for two folks to reach an agreement, the seller post on Ebay for immediate sale at say 1:05 PM and the buyer be waiting and at the same moment say 1:10 PM, instantly purchase. The transaction would occur so fast that they could not react.

  83. I have Spanish levels 1,2,3 V3. Contact at [email protected].

    “I’m an honest person, all the way to the point that my actions are none of their damn business. “

  84. Rosetta copied the concept of picture-immersion from The Learnables, that
    sells primarily to homeschoolers. They adopted certain features which were part
    of The Learnables 1970 model. We still believe The Learnables is superior to
    Rosetta Stone and a much cheaper price. Harris Winitz

  85. Yours is the only post I’ve read that tells it like it is, thank you sir. Most of these posts sound as if they were made by the “fringe” radicals in OWS, gimme, gimme, gimme.

    John 05.24.11 at 7:26 am

    So, what do you people think? It is free for them to develop and package their programs? SO, LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT, SOMEONE ELSE DOES ALL THE WORK AND THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS.

    This is the type of stupidity that is ruining our country. Entitlement to everything when we didn’t do the work to create it or get it.

    Makes me sick! I don’t like Rosetta Stone and think the program is actually pretty lousy but that’s beside the point. How can a company exist if they can’t protect their rights? Think people, think!

  86. Wow – interesting read. I am currently listing a V3 RS French, levels 1-3 on EBay. By all accounts, this should be pulled any day now. It has been used for less than an hour, and properly deactivated by RS ready to install on another computer (supposedly owned by the same original owner, but who cares). Msg me if you’re interested in learning more, or “borrowing”. [email protected] with Rosetta Stone in the subject line.

    Did anyone move to instigate a class action lawsuit? If so, count me in! I’d do it, but have no idea where to start and would hate to duplicate efforts.

    Thanks for an insightful blog post!

  87. I have Spanish V3 L1-5 available. My version downloaded to multiple computers without ever asking the activation code so i never used it… so I dont see the fuss about only 2 downloads..
    anyone interested buying: [email protected]

  88. @Gina, what is the language that you have and what is your email address? Thanks!

  89. I have RS Version 3 Italian Level 1… I purchased it on Ebay, and have installed it once… the discs are perfect, the activation code is in the box…its all there…the box is a little beat… I did NOT register the product but I did activate it… and would like to sell it…

    [email protected]

  90. Mine was pulled too from Ebay. I have the Homeschool edition version 2 levels 1-3 complete. Bought from Rosetta Stone in 2006, only installed it in one computer.
    email me for photo, info. and price.

  91. I have German (2009 edition) levels 1-3 and Japanese (2010 edition) levels 1-3 for sale. I worked at Borders (bookstore) as they were liquidating and purchased these to resell not knowing it would be so difficult. They are BRAND NEW and unopened.

    [email protected]

    put something about Rosetta Stone in the subject please.

  92. Anyone have Italian V3 level 1, 2, 3…only installed on 1 machine(or less 😉 ? I need activation codes for level 1, 2, 3… willing to pay to offset your costs 🙂 I’m an art school student, trying to get better at Italian art history. Thanks! nohoisgreat …at…. gmail.

  93. If anyone is interested in buying a complete like-new Rosetta Stone Spanish, Latin America, Version 3, Level 1, 2 & 3 contact me [email protected]

  94. By not opening the product I never agreed to their license requirements, if the product is untouched and I own it. It is nobodies business what I do with it.

  95. Ok so here is my story. I got Rosetta Stone Italian as a gift. It is an unwanted gift, sealed, useless and overpriced. I do not want it and I will not insult the person that gave it to me by asking for a receipt (if a receipt from someone else could grant me the money). So I go to ebay and I put it for sale along with all the other impulse buy stuff that people spend their hard earned money to never have the time or mindset to use. Products that claim to be original while copying other people’s methods, using other people’s codes and api’s much like microsoft office 2007 stole xml from a canadian company and they still sell copies of office today. Here is what I get from ebay:

    Your listing has been removed.

    Your item was removed because of a request we received from BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US), a member of our Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO), asking us to remove the item for:

    – Item(s) infringes copyrights (for example, a bootleg recording of a live performance, a pirated copy of media such as software or movies, or an unlawful copy of copyrighted works such as text, paintings, or sculptures).

    For more information on why your item was removed, you should:
    – Contact BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US) directly at [email protected] with your questions or concerns.
    – Wait 7 days for BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US) to reply to you. Although most VeRO participants are willing to respond to polite email, please know that they aren’t obligated to reply.
    – If after 7 days you haven’t received a response from BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US), please contact us by simply replying to this email.

    The rights owner or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the rights owner, BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US), notified eBay that this listing violates intellectual property rights. When eBay receives a report of this type of violation, we remove the listing to comply with the law.

    Only copyright owners can copy, distribute, perform, or publicly display their work. Unauthorized copies include (but aren’t limited to) backup, pirated, duplicated, or bootlegged copies.

    Because the item in your listing was reported by the rights owner as being an unauthorized copy, you’re not allowed to relist, advertise, or offer it for sale on any eBay site or service around the world.

    Here’s more information on our policy:

    And you can learn more about copyrights here:

    You may need to take a tutorial. If it’s required, you may be asked to take it the next time you sell. Once you’ve completed the tutorial successfully, please review your account status for any other possible concerns. If there are no other issues, you should be able to sell again.

    To take the intellectual property tutorial, please visit:

    Please be aware that any additional violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your account. We understand that you may be concerned about this situation.

    We encourage you to contact BSA (Business Software Alliance) (US) directly if you have any questions.

    You can send an email to: [email protected]

  96. I purchased the Japanese Level 1 & 2 of Rosetta Stone for my son to do a high school senior project. When I forked over the $400.00 my thought was that I would resale on Ebay and recoup about half of the cost. If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to resell I would have reconsidered buying both levels or even purchasing at all. Of course like everyone else who tried to sell on Ebay mine too was removed. If you are interested in this software contact me [email protected]

  97. I want to sell my Totale German so that I can get a french one but none of the sites will let me saying that its restricted V.V its so annoying because I will probably never use this software again… anyone looking for German rosetta stone? ^.^ contact me if you will [email protected]

  98. I was thinking about “buying” a Rosetta Stone product. I had expected to own this product. What a hassle though. I will not buy Rosetta Stone. I will look elsewhere.

  99. Court Once Again Confirms Right Of First Sale For Software: You Own It, Not License It
    from the good-news dept

    Excellent news. In the ongoing case involving Autodesk and a guy, Timothy Vernor, who was trying to sell legally acquired used versions of AutoCAD on eBay, the district court judge has ruled that Autodesk has no right to restrict the sales of its used software. This wasn’t a huge surprise, as the court indicated as much last year, when it refused to grant Autodesk’s motion to dismiss the case. But this is an important ruling for a variety of reasons. Beyond just reiterating the well-established right of first sale on software, it also helps clarify that when you by a piece of software, you own it, rather than just license it. As the judge noted:

    “The transfer of AutoCAD copies via the license is a transfer of ownership.”

    The judge also mocked Autodesk’s claim that allowing such sales to go forward promoted piracy:

    “Vernor’s sale of AutoCAD packages promote piracy no more so than Autodesk’s sales of the same packages.”

  100. I have a bootleg DVD of Rosetta stone I bought for $5 in a foreign country that has Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic etc all on the same DVD.
    Screw you Rosetta Stone and your can’t resell your Rosetta Stone language course.

  101. I have a Rosetta Stone Level 1 French Version 3 that im trying to sell… This product is practically new, it has only been opened and never been used before. I initially bought it trying to test out of college french, but decided to just take the classes anyways. If anyone is interested you can email me and we can negotiate a price

  102. I have a Rosetta Stone English (American) version 3, levels 1-3 that was only installed once of the 2 times available. Will sell for $200. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

  103. I own a beautiful watch. It’s a stunning monument to Swiss craftsmanship created by the most skilled watchmakers in the world.

    I can sell it.

    I own a vehicle that is more fuel efficient than any of its predecessors. Teams of engineers worked for years to refine it.

    I can sell it.

    Even the computer I am posting this from is a technological marvel that has revolutionized the home computer industry. The manufacturer is one of the world’s leading companies and is valued at over US$ 300 bln.

    I can sell my computer.

    But, I learned today that I can’t sell my Rosetta Stone language learning software, V2, Chinese Mandarin Level 1, without taking a legal risk. The EULA is very clear, albeit of dubious legality. So, I am going to throw it in the garbage.

    However, while I plan to be loyal to the watchmaker, the auto maker and the computer maker, I will NEVER purchase, nor recommend the purchase by others, of any Rosetta Stone product.

    Moreover, all this effort they are undertaking to protect their precious intellectual property (which, like the name of the company itself, they didn’t REALLY come up with themselves), is surely paying off with huge profits for shareholders, right?

    Wrong. The company isn’t currently profitable.

  104. I need the activation code Rosetta American English .Someone can help me?
    [email protected]

  105. Does anyone have any Italian courses I could buy from them? I’ve read that the activation coe only works twice, so I would need one that has only been used once. Please let me know!! And does anyone know if one’s from craigslist work?

  106. Hi, I just put two rosetta stone on ebay that I never used. They got removed right away, so I didn’t sell even one! Now Rosetta Stone is sending me letters and calling pretending $1000.00 for breaking the law. Is anyone had the same issue? Please do I have to pay those money even if I did not sell any RS?
    By the way I have one RS Spanish and one English Levels 1-5. Email me at [email protected]

  107. I have a new, unopened RS English Levels 1-5 that I’ll sell for $150. I have not tried to list it on E-bay after hearing the stories here. Email me at [email protected] for more info. Thanks!

  108. John at 5.24.11 misses the most basic point: It is not the company’s “right” to protect. There is a split among the courts, and currently, in the case of Vernor v. Autodesk, an effort to get the Supreme Court to weigh in, but the exclusive right to distribute copies of the work is expressly made subject to the right of the owner of the copy to redistribute it. What they are trying to do is steal your copyrights, so to speak. They want to sell it, and then act as though you do not own it. The ONLY question is who owns the copy? If you bought the disc, you own the copy. If aan authorized reproduction was made onto your hard drive, you still own your hard drive — the copy.

    On the flip side, if the company insists that it still owns all those copies scattered about peoples’ homes and businesses, they better be paying property tax on them. 😉

  109. So, what do you people think? It is free for them to develop and package their programs? SO, LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT, SOMEONE ELSE DOES ALL THE WORK AND THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS.

    This is the type of stupidity that is ruining our country. Entitlement to everything when we didn’t do the work to create it or get it.

    Makes me sick! I don’t like Rosetta Stone and think the program is actually pretty lousy but that’s beside the point. How can a company exist if they can’t protect their rights? Think people, think!

  110. Please keep in mind. This a thread for giving useful info on the subject” you can’t sell rosetta” Not a spot to sell items…

  111. We got the boot also.
    I have RS French Level 1-5 Set Sealed V4, and RS German Level 1-5 Set V4 Deutsch. Both are brand new and sealed recent version. Even new, sealed they still got pulled down. Email me if interested: [email protected]

  112. I have RS Spain Spanish ver.3 levels 1-5 for sale. Ebay was mean to me too.
    Email me for more info at [email protected]

  113. I tried to sell my Rosetta Stone French Version 3 1-5 on ebay but alas, they shut it down. If anyone is interested, then email me at [email protected]


  115. Jennifer. I would ignore it. Companies will not usually go after people. It would cost them money…. Not to mention the huge costs from the backlash of the public. Bad publicity. Not to mention there’s is not the best. It’s ranked 3rd. And 4th best cost$50.. Also most people do not like being told… We do not own what we bought. Leasing is ridicules. If it’s not ours don’t sell us a cd! Give online acess like the video professor does. $40 a month. To have access to all there software! Aslo realize “it’s not like going to school!. It’s owning phisical property. More like a book!… Another option. Change all your contact info if possible. They wont chase you. you only attempted to sell it. ….Remember they have to prove damages… Companies can’t fine you. That’s the governments job. Companies have to go to court for damages… I think they are bluffing you. thats my opinion
    P.s. I need rosetta 1-5! But to gun shy now… v3 From what I understand only gives 1 lisence. And fewer counterfeits… BTW How much? 🙂

  116. I am looking for the older version Maderine Chinese if anyone has it. V2 with no activation code needed. Thanks! [email protected]

  117. By the way I have Rosetta Stone Spanish V3 level 1-5 if someone is interested
    [email protected]

  118. Hi, I have tried to sell a new unopened software of rosetta stone on ebay but they remove my listing, then I contact the BSA to ask why? they forward the information to rosetta stone and guess what? I got an email to let me know that I have to contact their legal department and after that I have to pay for demages $1000 even when i did not sell the item. does somebody now if this is legal, could I do something about it?

  119. We are thinking of purchasing the RS Italian 1-5. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but from our standpoint – how much would it cost for both of us to take a college class in Italian?
    After taking the Italian class, could we “sell” our college course?
    The best would be “drop-add” and from what some have posted, RS does give six months to return.
    So, has anyone had good luck with the Rosetta Stone Italian?
    Thank you

  120. I just spoke with Rosetta Stone for the 3rd Time. And they said 3 things to look for on a conterfiet ( Like ones produced in China) Is

    1. R.S. Does not shrink wrap
    2. R.S. Only uses usb connectors on head sets
    3. Check for misspelling on box itself.
    Update… I was swindled. The one I got is a fake! Works fine. But still a fake!
    What makes me even more upset than that is theseJerks think they can charge so much for a fake! The activation code for my set was.
    2HC386-ZK3PA-A7ZKS-LNJQA-Q98CXV. This is a bogus code, you might find in yours. My advice is the same as R.S. Ask for refund. If not file a police report.

  121. Putting each other down. Is senseless. We are here to find answers. You wouldn’t walk in front of a spanish class. And make fun of the students. That would be stupid. We are all here to learn. By conversation/debate. And form opinions.

    1.Pesonaly I agree with Mark Sikkila 10.05.10 at 1:54 am …R.S. Should offer a resale license.Thats the best comment I’ve read.

    2.Another good point Resh 10.07.10 at 9:49 am …I agree.It does not make sense. Because that would mean buying a set from the store And giving it as a gift would be illigal?

    3. And another good point. Freedom to Buy Used 02.09.11 at 5:24 pm …Books are no diferent. I hate to think. I couldn’t give my wall sized book collectionn away or sell it. And it would have to be burned, when I die.

    4. If it was only for me to learn from only. DON’T SELL ME THE CDS! That doesn’t make sense. Do like the video professor and give online access. But R.S. wants to have it both ways. To charge like it’s yours.”giving you the cds”. But not give you the rights of ownership. Because if they did. Only lease it. Then they could only charge $40 bucks a month like video professor for online acess to “All” there software

    5. The condesention is unbecoming. We are not trying to get something for free! this is about moral principle. And guess what. WE decide the laws that are estaplished.So us having good! It is in these type forums, is where opinions are shaped and “reshaped” So please stop with the talking down to us.

    6.I bought a Spanish latin1-5 verson 3. $225 On ventura C.L….It looks like he used it.And printed up a fake Activation code paper. Rosseta says it’s “not valid” …It still works completely fine. I have full access. But its morally wrong. Unless he removed it from his computer, completely.
    7. I suggest to everyone. Use good moral judement. Think it through. Then make your decision on principle. Note this…. This country was built with the intention of courts issueing justice. Now it is based on who has the best verbal arguement. And technicality. It has forgot justice. I don’t need a law to tell me what is morally wrong…And I don’t care if it’s my right under law. What’s wrong is wrong. Just like our fore fathers taught us.

    8. Thank you every one for all your info. It has been a great help. As I am struggling with my decision. To keep or toss my set.

    9. My advise when Buying any software, in person. Call the companies number and verify. Right there on the spot. Before you hand over your money. Or get there Driver license #. That’s what I do.
    Thank You,Tony

  122. Have Spanish version 3 level 1 with audio companion and headphones. Only used serial number once. eBay keeps yanking my listing. Send me an email to make a deal. [email protected]

  123. If, when someone purchases a Rosetta Stone package, they are simply licensing it, and not OWNING it, then they should be able to return the license to the licensing company. When you think about it, perhaps it might simply be best to just continually take advantage of their six-month trial periods…

  124. Lynn-
    Still interested in hearing from you re French Rosetta Stone software. Contact me at [email protected].

  125. Just starting to look for Spanish language software. Rosetta Stone is just way too expensive and it looks like it cannot be found ‘used for sale’.

    Has anyone found a good alternative Spanish language program at a reasonable price?

  126. Craigslist has lots of Rosetta Stone products listed. But beware: I bought the Spanish (Latin America) V3, levels 1-5. When I tried to activate it, it didn’t work. Contacted Rosetta Stone tech support. Turns out the activation code was “invalid”. Therefore, they couldn’t help me as the Craigslist seller “is not an authorized reseller of Rosetta Stone.” Long story short, I’m screwed…in both languages!

  127. Lynn-
    Sorry I left out my e-mail. Contact me at
    [email protected]
    Thanx again.

  128. Lynn-

    Need your email then.

  129. Lynn-
    I am inerested in your Rosetta Stone French 1&2. Send me an e-mail giving me the specifics. Thanx!

  130. I too had my listing pulled today from ebay, but noticed there were still 20 active “used” Rosetta Stone listings. ONE even had a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the seller was an ebay employee! Go Figure. So, does anyone know if listings are pulled from Craigslist?

    Anyone interested in French 1 & 2 Version 3 with an unused “seat” and activation code? I will give it way for free (which according to Rosetta Stone is legal because you can let friends or relatives “use”it). Shipping will be very expensive, however.

  131. I have a brand new, unopened copy of the English Rosetta Stone that I obtained to review. Can I sell it on E-bay if I have not opened it?

  132. thanks ron and all…you have saved me £275…i have booked flights to berlin instead or second hand RS german…

    you deserve a knighthood for this…


  133. I want to buy the Spanish Latin version 1 thru 5 used. Where can I go to buy it? Does anyone here have a set to sell me? Does anything prevent me from taking second hand software and using it? Email me at rockiesrl (the at sign) yahoo (dot com)

  134. I was thinking about selling my French Levels 1,2 & 3 combined as I bought it for work and have now been made redundant so don’t need it anymore (barely used it to be honest – not very committed 😉 )
    See from here that perhaps Ebay isn’t the best way to go (!) so if anyone here is interested… it has only been activated on one computer.

  135. @Fernando No, that makes no difference. Sorry.

  136. Someone please answer my question above!

  137. Is it possible to sell just fine if I take my own picture and write my own description?

  138. I had my listing removed as well. I found my copy at the goodwill store and I got it dirt cheap! I buy and resale items weekly and use it as a second income. Since I bought mine from goodwill, I have absolutely NO agreement with Rosetta Stone! My listing was reported by the BSA, US and I have emailed them. I doubt I will receive a reply back, nor will I be able to get my listing re-instated as I do not intend to waste my time dealing with eBay’s BS VERO program.

    I have read almost every comment on this thread and I have seen a few (most likely software designers or employees) calling the majority of us “ignorant” or “leeches” Well… what about this… you go to college, you pay for books (which are way overpriced) and you use those to gain knowledge just as you do with a software language course. Why is it NOT illegal to resell your Textbooks? They have been used, you have gained the knowledge from them, so why should you be able to resell them? That just seems completely unreasonable to resell a used college text book once you have gained knowledge from it!!

    On a side note, if anyone needs Spanish Level 1, Version 3 WITH activation code, Let me know! I have it for sale on Craigslist and I WILL sell it!

  139. A few things here about Rosetta Stone:

    1. Since the release of Version 4 in September 2010, the software can be downloaded on one and only one computer. Guess what. If you decide to resell that software on ebay, there is no way the buyer would be able to download it on their computer at all. The buyer is out of luck. V4 was designed to cut down on piracy.
    2. The activation code. Consider this to be the “second ISP.” RS keeps a very close eye on these codes which means if any are discovered to be abused, you get to pay a hefty fine and/or go to jail.
    3. Never buy RS on the Internet if you can help it. Do a Google search to find a local store at the mall or airport. Don’t be lazy and take the wrong risk by buying it over the Internet.
    4. Never download any “free” RS from any site. You’ll just wind up with a virus that infects your computer, and you will have to pay $$ to get it fixed.

  140. Just wanted to put my two cents out there about buying the RS software on ebay..

    I’m not saying that all are listings are pulled, but just because you see that there are completed listings , does not mean that the transaction was completed.

    I have made 3 attempts on Ebay to purchase RS Spanish Latin America. The first attempt when I did the buy it now, I waited for the confirmation email before I paid, and never recieved it. The second attempt, I actually did the Buy It Now and my payment was refunded the same day after an investigation by Ebay determined it was an unauthorized copy. The third attempt, I did the Buy it now, paid for the item and it was never received and I was refunded by paypal. All three of these instances, my item still showed up in the “completed listings” section as if the sale had went through as normal.

    If you are looking to buy it on Ebay a few things to look out for:
    * Member may have 20 feedback or less but most of his/her feedback is given on the same day or within a week of each other. They do this so they can establish some kind of history to make a buyer feel more comfortable buying from them.
    * Most of the time their descriptions are broken english even though the listing states the product is coming from within the USA, chances are good that it’s not.. and when you ask them where it’s coming from they don’t respond..

    So, as much as I hate to say it, I think I need to suck it up a buy a legit copy from an authorized reseller (expensive, but still cheaper than going through RS directly).

  141. I was looking for a legal version on craigs list but after reading all these threads I think I’ll just get a bootleg version instead.

  142. I have Rosetta Stone Polish version 2 level 1. No need for activation code. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
    email: [email protected]

  143. If you can’t sell these products, is it legal to give them away as a gift?

    What I mean is…what if you “give” it away as a free gift for buying a $300 wooden top. You are not selling these products but simply giving them away for free. You are just getting money from your top for $300.

    Has anyone tried this or have any information if this is legal?

  144. If you stick with older version V2, you will not need an activation number. It works just the same, you will not have the headphone etc but is worth it. I bought Spanish off e-bay 3 levels for $40 and my kids are loving it.
    I am looking for Manderine, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin (not Spanish or Latin American) if anyone has one for sale.

  145. It looks like I made the same mistake as a lot of other people (wish I read this first) I bought Latin American Spanish Rosetta stone off of a guy at Craigslist and now am screwed because all I have is the software and no activation code so I can’t get into most of the lessons. Anyone have an activation code for this I can rent or know of a place I can find one…

  146. I am looking for a very reasonably priced French 1. What other language curriculums (preferably dvd format) are out there that are just as good if not better than RS? I now see why I can’t find any used copies of RS after reading through all of these coments. And here I was believing that it was just so awesome of a product that the owners just didn’t let them go….HA!

  147. On a related note: I am a contractor. I once built a new home for a client. He found the plan in a magazine but wanted to make several changes. I told him
    to order only one set and I would have a designer make changes and make additional copies (3 for the building department and extra sets for bids, etc.)
    I was called by the building official and told they could not issue permits as
    the plan was protected by copyright (and only one set had the word “Copyright”), and I would be required to submit a letter from the publisher authorizing changes to the design! I told him the purchase of the plan was to build 1 home which is what the publisher licensed. Why would we purchase 8 sets and throw them out after making changes. I also
    asked him who appointed him to be the copyright police. I was able to get the
    permit issued, but what BS. Bottom line is the little guy always gets screwed.
    I will be buying RS from a legitamate retailer just to avoid all the problems, even though I found a 5 level set for $220 on CL.

  148. I see many PR/B.S. posts here from Rosetta staff and hirees. Their argument for no resale is baseless and will eventually lose in court if challenged thoroughly. The reason is simple. Reselling is not the same as subleasing (prohibitable) since there is no property damage risk to Rosetta. An intellectual property lease (without contracted time constraint) is automatically for life. One lease must remain in effect for the buyer’s life. If the user is prohibited from resale of (whatever) he/she bought, then Rosetta has the original sale money without having a product in anyone’s hand who would use it. That doesnt’ work and is EXACTLY why endusers are so angry.

    Shame on eBay and Amazon. Anyway, how do you think Rosetta get$ them to go along with this sham?

  149. I just got my pull from EBay this morning too by BSA – I forgot to research it before I even list it. If Goodwill sell it why can’t we sell it? Just wondering….I guess I be learning my new languages after this 🙂

  150. I used a home photo of the actual CD’s, wrote my own copy on eBay, and it was pulled after 3 days. So, they are not tracking it that way. They probably have some low wage laborer in some third world country patrolling the auction sites.
    If anybody is interested in Portuguese Levels 1 &2, V2.0.8 1A let me know at:
    [email protected]

  151. The claim the publisher makes that resale of their package is illegal is completely false. See the cases “Novell v. Network Trade Center” and “Timothy S. Vernor v. Autodesk Inc.”, in which courts ruled that when software was obtained in a transaction resembling a sale, that it is in fact a sale, that the First Sale Doctrine does apply, and that it supersedes shrink-wrap license terms to the contrary.

    Copyright law still applies with regard to making copies, but not to reselling the entire package.

  152. Question: For all u that had your listing removed, did you use a stock photo (to include Ebays ISBN photos) or copied it from the RS website? Did you copy and paste dicription from web or use Ebay’s generic description? I’m no comp guru but I am having a hunch that maybe they can red flag you because thier is some secret tracking encoding in stock photos, whereas you use your own photos and discription, you won’t get flagged. ANYONE out there get their listing taken down using “HOME PHOTOS” and own DESCRIPTION as well?

  153. If you do a history search on completed listings you will see quite a few people that have sold Multiple “USED” R.S. in the completed listings. W.T.? They seem to just pick on some and not others. Someone even claiming to be an OFFICIAL RS store, doubt true RS store would sell on EBAY. But if that person ain’t a red flag but they don’t mess w/ him?

  154. Ebay and Amazon both “blow.” As does Paypal. They are not the replacement for the garage sale as they want you to believe they are.

    Not only is your listing pulled – you can face an all-out ban and your money in Paypal frozen if you break their sacred fu*king rules.

    I have ZERO interest in Ebay or Amazon or Paypal now. If you want a Rosetta stone – email me – it’s $199 + the actual cost to ship COD – to your address – brand-new and sealed.
    [email protected] – in CANADA where we don’t have the same anal laws as other places for selling OUR items.

  155. I would like to buy lesson discs for Rosetta Stone v2 Latin Amer Spanish. I have installed on my laptop the application disc for Rosetta Stone v2 (I was learning Italian). I assume that any v2 Spanish lesson discs (including burnt backup copies which I have done with the Italian lesson discs) would work with my current application.

  156. There seems to be a ton on the SF bay craigslist….
    Check there.

  157. David, I know somebody that has Italian but it’s Levels 1-5 and I don’t know if they’d want to break up the set or even gift for a fee but I’ll ask. What’s a reasonable price?

  158. David, You should be able to select remind me later or something to that effect as I recall and move right on to your lessons. I don’t get the prompt to put in an access code any more for some reason.

  159. deb – thank you for your advice – i had tried uninstalling everything and reloading it – still the same thing, some of the lessons in levels 2 and 3 are fine, but about half of them ask for the access or product code before you begin that lesson, and since i got it from mike on craigs list, i do not have such codes

  160. David, you shouldn’t have any problems with using the rest of the lessons if you’re working off of the software. That would be a red flag for me. Are you getting an error code? And have you ever updated it? Try uninstalling and re-installing the application disc. I’ve never had any problems with my software but my sister did, and since hers was the 2nd pc we installed the software on we found that the error code was related to that. We re-installed it and re-booted it and never had a prob again.

  161. wow, what a long but interesting (if somewhat repetitious) thread – i bought italian levels 1-3 from a fellow named mark on craigs list – level one worked great, and for that alone i feel i got my money’s worth – when i tried levels 2 & 3, about half the exercises said i need to put in the activation code, which of course i don’t have – tried to contact mark but lost his email – he was very helpful when i first got it and would recommend him to others – any advice on how to open the remaining lessons? anyone want to sell levels 4 &5?

  162. This does not apply to german owners of the software because there’s a thing called “Erschöpfungsgrundsatz” which means that the influence of the manufacturer and/or copyright holder may already cover things such illegal copying and distribution as well as renting or leasing but they cannot forbid the selling of the used software.

    But be aware: You have to destroy all backup copies, you must remove any part of the software from all your computers, you must stop using the software and you have to give away the complete package including license agreement and the bill. You also should – if necessary – talk to the vendor to change the licensee’s name and address.

    To keep the buyer safe you should give him also an agreement that you grant him all rights to the software you previously owned for the case that someone complains that the buyer uses an “illegal” copy.

    But anyhow this is strange. As strange as the pricing policy of rosetta. No question: The software is really good (i tried the online version) but it’s a bit to expensive and there’s a lack of flexibility for the online version (e.g. you cannot switch the choosen language, you are bound to a 6 or 12 month contract and you have to pay everything at the beginning and not in monthly rates).

    Hope they change the model to bit more customer friendly model.

  163. Also, I sold Italian on CL and listed in under cd’s/software/etc. and stated in my ad that it was for software and there’s ‘no activation’. After I sold it the buyer contacted me and asked for the activation card/code. I told her that it was already used and the sale was just for software. Then she told me she downloaded the software but demanded her money back since there’s no on-line access. Since she already downloaded it I denied her a refund. After all, she got what I advertised and even if she returns it to me she’ll still be able to use it unfettered. It’s on her computer until she uninstalls it. Sounded to me like she was trying to get something for nothing.

    Then, in her subsequent threatening e-mails she said that the software was a fraud since there’s no on-line access and on that ground she demanded her money back and made all types of legal threats. I mean, she tried every angle.

    Now I bought my Rosetta Stone used and the way I see it I never consented to the shrink wrap agreement or EULA. The guy I bought it from did so I’m not at fault, and if it was altogether fraudulent would I be able to download updates? Because I updated once and since I think you only get two I’ve held off updating again. Anybody wanna offer feedback on all this? ty

  164. Rosetta Stone language programs will never make you fluent in another language, but at least you’ll have a base. I have Latin American Spanish, Italian, and German. The Spanish and Italian are comprehensive but the German – well, I can’t even use it. I have no idea what they’re trying to lead me to and I’ll gladly gift my software.

  165. My question to everyone is this:

    If the original buyer does not register the product, but just installs it and uses it… can it be sold on a place like CL and still function normally after installation on a different computer?

    Thanks in advance!

  166. Hi there. I have tried to also sell a Used Rosetta Stone on Ebay. I think it’s very dissapointing because like other people said you can sell xbox, dvd’s, etc. on there and they don’t bother them. I have a used One time used Rosetta Stone Spanish Version. Everything is in the box if anyone is interested email me….It’s rediculous.

  167. Just had my auction pulled on ebay too. It’s a shame. It’s great software, but expensive and as my son no longer needs it I thought I would try and recoup some of the cost, so I can put the money toward college books. I understand them targeting illegal copies or unauthorized distributors, but to target their customers in this manner is disappointing in my opinion. I will never use or buy their products again.

  168. I wonder if you could sell a piece of paper and “give away” the Rosetta Stone software on ebay?

  169. Hello,
    I too posted my used Rosetta Stone on Ebay and it was removed. Silly Oh well. This set was purchased a couple years ago and can be installed on any computer at any time. I’ve used on xp, vista, and windows7. Perfect condition Latin american spanish levels 1-3 and audio companion. How do I sell this set that I dont have any time to use??
    [email protected]

  170. If anyone has an answer to Barbara’s inquiry above, I would also be interested in how to tell a real RS from a fake one. I bought levels 1-5 Spanish (Spain version) and just ran across this before I opened the package. It is still wrapped in plastic, so I am afraid to open it assuming I would be able to do anything with it anyway.

    Anyway, if anyone knows, PLEASE let me know.

  171. I sold a copy of rosetta stone here in the uk, now rosetta stone are trying to sue. They have asked me to pay them £600 damages and if I dont pay up they will take me to court and inform the police. Told them im not paying as they have no legal right to impose a fine but they keep on threatening to take civil and criminal action against me, there pathetic

  172. Does anyone know how to tell a fake RS from a real one? I volunteer for a charity and we received what appears to be an unused RS Chinese V2 Level 1, has two unopened discs and two booklets plus box. I tried to sell on ebay but listing was ended early as other people on this page have experienced. If I can determine that this set is authentic then I will try to put it on Amazon. Thanks.

  173. The determination of whether EULA or First Sale Doctrine applies with respect to reselling complete legitimate copies of software is being decided in Federal Court and will ultimately apply to all states. The latest word from the Ninth Circuit Court (9/10/2010) was that EULA applies (search yahoo news for “court of appeals software resale”, however, this is going to be appealed to the full court and probably ultimately to the Supreme Court. There are real problems with allowing EULA, so even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the software companies, Congress will then probably step in and fix the law. Applying EULA as they are, it becomes illegal to even give the software to someone, since only the original purchaser from an authorized distributor or copyright owner is licensed. Consequently, it becomes illegal to purchase a legitimate copy and give it as a gift. In addition, this would shut down the entire used software industy and sets precidence for it to be used in all areas of digital content (DVDs, computer and console games, digital books, etc.) In escense, they could make it where you would never be able to “own” anything. If this succeedes, look for companies to push the envelop as far as possible – -> no more selling your used car, because the brand, emblems, etc are trademarked and only licensed for your use with the same wording as EULA. This has to result in a reasonable expectation that when you pay for a legitimate item from a copyright holder or authorized distributor, whether a book, a DVD, a digital game or software in any form, you own the right to use and subsequently sell the item under First Sale Doctrine.

  174. I’m glad I researched Rosetta Stone reselling, because now I understand why the ebay listing I was interested in was pulled. Buyers who think they got screwed have my sympathy, but I will side with Rosetta Stone. You can’t expect them to sell copies of software once and then provide endless support forever after.

    However, it is clear to me that the terms of sale need to be made clear BEFORE money changes hands. It is deceptive to sell merchandise to the public only to tell them AFTER the purchase that they are legally prohibited from reselling it. This is only fair to the consumer. After all it is reasonable to assume that purchasing a physical product entitles the consumer to use it in any way they decide. Rosetta Stone says that the nature of what the consumer is buying is a license, and while this is true, it is also true that the consumer has no way of knowing what is inside the package before buying it.

    Also, why doesn’t Rosetta Stone offer some kind of license transfer option? They would be making money on products with each resale, and everybody wins.

  175. If anyone would like to help me learn Portuguese using their Rosetta Stone software package, I would be willing to pay for that. Please let me know: [email protected]

  176. MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently bought a copy of RS from a guy off of Craigslist for$250. When the material wasn’t working in my computer I called RS and after speaking to 3 techs they forwarded me to their security section who told me the set was pirated and to call the person who I purchased the material from and threaten them to give my money back or I would call the police. (This is honestly what I was told. The set is an original I have all the paperwork and software needed.) She then tried to sell me the version 4………………..?

  177. While I’m not defending eBay’s laziness in administering their VERO program, they were pretty much strapped over a barrel by the courts regarding the sale of all matter of counterfeit products. eBay responded by creating the VERO program then pretty much washed their hands of helping those improperly caught in the net.

    VERO was originally created to stem the tide of fake Tiffany jewelry, Rolex watches, fake handbags of all brands, etc. VERO wasn’t designed to prohibit legitimate second-hand resale of genuine products. But the VERO program doesn’t vet take-down orders from IP owners, they simply obey it. The IP owners are supposed to behave themselves, but we all know that isn’t the case. VERO is frequently used as a anti-competitive club to knock down undesirable competition.

    For help in fighting VERO take-downs on eBay, I suggest you Google “tabberone” and read the VERO-related pages that you’ll see. Tabberone, a seller on eBay, has successfully sued many IP owners over bogus VERO take-downs and has written much about her experiences. It’s very interesting reading.

  178. It’s easy
    – DO NOT BUY USED except from someone you can trust (see below).
    – DO NOT buy it off Ebay, or CL.
    – You could try Amazon (Used, from 3rd party seller), if it is bogus or expired or unusable Amazon will refund it (look for the A-Z guarantee) but it is still asking for trouble with the activation.
    – (DO NOT buy any software from China/overseas anyway! duh)

    It is not just Microsoft and Rosetta Stone… almost all software companies use the same legal trick with the licensing agreement. According to them, you did not buy or purchase ownership of the software. It is NOT like a copy of a book or DVD (where you did buy a copy and own the fair use of that copy).

    For people who do not understand what “license” means- it basically means here you RENTED IT and DO NOT OWN IT. You can’t transfer or resell rented property, can you? I am not saying I agree, I am explaining it so those just catching up can understand the argument. Actually, sometimes the courts agree, sometimes they do not. It depends.

    I love how 15 minutes with Google makes everyone a legal expert! Unfortunately “First Sale Doctrine” has NOT been found by the courts to apply to every software sale in every jurisdiction. Cases are still being decided and appealed- both ways, and the application of the different local laws varies from state to state. Geez, if it was so easy you could “figure it all out” with Wikipedia what do you think all the lawyers and judges are doing arguing about it year after year ?!?!? Besides making money and killing trees, I mean.

    In some jurisdictions it is ruled that the purchase of software is a SALE (meaning you own the copy), in some that is thrown out if you clicked “I Agree” to the EULA. It still seems to vary by state at least, as of 2010.

    So yes, in some states you could in theory legally resell your used copy (although not online, which is likely interstate). Good luck making RS honor your activation code! No idea which states that would be… it occurs to me you could call RS and ask!!!!! ;D But possibly you could pick up a copy from a friend or at a yard sale, ask what name they used to activate it, and get it re-activated with that (assuming you are in one of those states). Telling RS you have a new computer and am reinstalling it would be what most people would try I guess. Fraudulent probably, but workable.

    Stop arguing *your logic and reasoning* why you think you own it. No more analogies please!!! I am not saying I disagree, I am saying our brilliant opinions have nothing to do with what is, or is not, legal. The law, like the universe, does not follow our whims or wishes. You might as well argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin- for all the good arguing about it will do.

    Like “D” above, I see a lot of the outrage about this as ignorant people wanting to cheat… or to have their cake and eat it too, and then resell the cake! (eew) I see a lot of “I should be able to….” which often indicates a self-centered position.

    Spare us the “it’s not fair” comments- this is nothing new and you are just waking up to it? Did the big, bad world sneak up on you again?

    Most software companies do not go after individuals reselling their products… they only go after the big pirates. RS has decided it pays for them to go after EVERY copy sold/resold not by them (or partners)- meaning yes you too! Given how expensive their stuff is are you surprised?

    I have seen other codes that were not transferable BTW. Software people claim piracy steals like 70-80% of their legitimate revenue, but I am kind of skeptical however there are two sides to every good argument.

    If you got ripped off online… I hope you used paypal or a credit card. Call them immediately and use words like “fraud” and “pirate copy”.

  179. Everything that is purchased is purchased for the value that the good/service gives. You buy a book, read it, then possibly resell it. Is the author getting compensated for the 2nd, 3rd, and rest of the people who got the pleasure of reading his work? He put a lot of work into that book….
    A person buys a system console game, and his brother plays it when he’s not there. His brother didn’t pay any money to the developing company… Leech.
    A mother buys clothes, and sells them at a garage sell when she’s tired of them. She doesn’t give a percentage back to the designer for being an “official reseller” or whatever you want to call it… How can she and her customers be getting away with these freebies?
    Dad calls the plumber, then watches as the plumber fixes the pipes. He pays the plumber for the service, but next time is able to fix it for himself. He didn’t pay the plumber for that, he just paid for the single service. Hmm?
    What I’m saying is that when you purchase any good or service, you are paying for the value of that good/service, not necessarily the good/service itself. Just because it is software, that doesn’t make it different. If you rid yourself of every part of the software, then by all means, you should be able to sell it. It is and has been completely legal in every other market- cars, books, clothes, computers, household objects, even some services. You think that just because they put a lot of work into the product, they should get special treatment? Did Chevy put a lot of work into the 2011 Corvette? Yet, if I bought this sweet car, I could easily sell it.
    I am against bootleg/illegal copies, but with legitimate copies, you should be able to transfer the access codes. As for the technical help argument, would it make a difference if the first buyer was using the help? I don’t really think so.

  180. I was not aware that you could not buy Rosetta stone from another user. We just got scammed. We bought all 1-5 levels from Craigslist and this idiot will not give us out money back. Instead he sent us a link to download it. What??? Another crook move! Can I call the cops on this guy??? I have his email address and cell phone number. I would really like to get this creep off the streets and stop him from ripping other people off!

    Any suggestions, anyone???

  181. @D, I don’t think “hoedown” is hyphenated. 🙂

    Obviously, I disagree with your position. Using your clothing analogy, I *should* and *do* have the right to sell those clothes when/if I no longer need/want them. I wouldn’t ask Penny’s (or Nordstrom) to warranty them or to accept them as a return, but they are mine and I should be able to do with them what I want.


  182. Wow, some of these responses are from the most ignorant people I’ve ever heard type/speak. Many of you are complaining about the inability to purchase this software, use it for your gain (the knowledge of language), and then sell it to someone else when you are done with it? What do you think this is? Some consignment shop? This is what is wrong with America. This logic is the same logic used when one of you inbred hillbillies thinks they can go buy clothes at Penny’s, wear them for a big event (probably some hoe-down), and then return them. How do you think companies make money. Wanting everything for free and getting handouts left and right is why this country is falling apart. Buy an item, use it as intended, and be happy with your use of it. And please stop posting lame ass comments about your inability to sell a product after you use it up…leeches. Shout outs to the people curious if this product works and not bitching.

  183. Can anyone tell me for sure if someone installs in their computer rosette stone Spanish 1 – 5 Ver 3 and uses the activation code will it work on another computer in another country or can it only be used once??.
    There are conflicting opinions on this I have read it works on 1 and also 2 but no more than 2……… this correct??.

  184. Rosetta Stone has a misunderstanding of “Copyright.”

    If you copy it and give it or sell it, that’s copyright violation.

    If you don’t have any instances in your possession and you sell the main copy, that’s NOT copyright violation.

    If MAY be a violation of the license agreement which you clicked “I Agree” to when you first installed the software. But it is definitely NOT a copyright violation.

    That being said, not all license agreements are enforceable by law.

    …and of course, they can try to sue you to make an example out of you as regards license agreements. It wouldn’t be the first time such has been done. But they still need to find a jury that is willing to convict, and since so many people do it themselves, and thus are unwilling to convict, you’re not likely to be found guilty. Then again, it really sucks to get sued.

    Aside from that, Rosetta Stone put a lot of money and development into their product and probably deserve some $$ exchange for delivering a superb product. Don’t you think? I am about to pay them $700 as I’m a believer.


  185. Hi I have nearly read all of this page! Big breath!! Trying to find the answer to my questions…wow very annoyed about not being able to buy/sell used rosetta stone…NO WAY IN HELL am i paying out big money like that….I am looking for Spanish (SPAIN) version…Anyone have one to sell or rent I would be happy to hear from them to organise price and time etc….Thanks ever so much guys.

    [email protected]

  186. I made the mistake of purchasing RS on Craigs List “still in the shrink wrap” — It doesn’t work on my computer; took it to Staples and tried it on newest laptop — doesn’t work on that either. Audio CD doesn’t work either. Called RS tech support — passed to Security who told me they never shrink wrap and will take back any unopened product — so beware purchasing if you can’t try it out…

  187. Just had my Rosetta Stone pulled from Ebay today! BS but looks like they won’t relist. BTW I have Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) 1 & 2, V2. Let me know if anyone wants to learn spanish… [email protected]

  188. Just coming at this issue from the other side, the reason Rosetta Stone has a “non-transferable” clause in their End User License Agreement (EULA) is that the product is an intellectual property and teaching tool designed explicitly to transfer the information in the software to the user. When someone buys it they don’t purchase the software, or anything material, they purchase the right to USE the software and learn from it.
    Think of it like riding a roller coaster…when you buy your ticket you aren’t paying for a part of the coaster, you aren’t buying a little piece of paper, you’re paying for the fun you get out of the ride. Or when you pay for a class, you’re paying for the teacher’s time and expertise, not the desk you sit at…When someone buys Rosetta Stone they’re buying the opportunity to learn from it. The “non-transferable” clause protects Rosetta Stone from someone gaining that benefit and then letting someone else gain it as well without them receiving compensation for creating and publishing the software.
    It’s the same ideals that protect inventors from someone stealing their ideas (patents) and writers from plagiarism (copyright).

  189. So since this thread/post is still active in 2010, let me ask: so long as the original RS installation is deactivated and/or reset by RS Tech Support, it can be re-used and previous activated/installed languages can be re-used as well?

    How said merchandise is transferred from one person to another is irrelevant at this point. One can always “give” as a gift and receive a “gift” in return. If I buy it, it’s legally mine, but if I choose to give it as a gift to my sister, is it still legally mine? Ridiculous. I do think they should offer tech support so long as the SOFTWARE ITSELF is a legal copy, even if they want to charge a small amount for secondary owners for said support. I’m fine with bootlegs and pirated copies being out on the support issue.

    Honestly though, I figure Rosetta Stone will start to challenge Adobe Photoshop as one of the most bootlegged software out there, given their restrictions and price. 😉

  190. I would love to borrow or hire a Rosetta Stone course in Russian if someone would be so kind as to enter into such an agreement with me. [email protected]

  191. @Rob This is more of a discussion about licensing than support. Most software allows you to transfer ownership to another individual. If I buy a packaged item, I should have the right to sell it.

    Regarding support… I seriously doubt that Rosetta is pursuing those of us who wish to transfer our license because the don’t want to support it. There are several ways to overcome that. 1) Only offer support to the first time registrant, or 2) only support it for X days/years. Or… {gasp} heaven forbid they actually decide to support the user regardless of how they bought it… like Apple, Microsoft, Symantec, et al.

  192. I don’t understand why companies like Rosetta Stone or Microsoft will not allow me to buy their program and then sell it to someone else to use and after they are done they should be able to sell it to someone else to use and then when they are done they should be able to sell it to someone else….and oh by the way we should all get 24/7 product support and customer care if we have any problems because the first person did by an actual copy from the company. It should not matter that the rest of us were trying to cheat the system by being cheap the company should pay to have agents ready to answer all of our questions because we need help with it as well even though we did not actually pay anything to the company…

    I could not imagine what would happen if most of the people who post on here actually ran a company. That logic listed above is pretty retarded….”but if bought a book I could resell it!” But you don’t get technical help with a book moron! What does that have to do with anything? When you buy software you are getting continued care. I have called into companies that I bought programs from hundreds of times. It would be retarded to think that I can sell my product after I am done with it and expect the company to continue providing the new owner with assistance!

    Bunch of idiots!

  193. I bought rosetta stone ver. 2 level 1 for chinese on e-bay. It was obviously a counterfeit copy, but I decided to cut my losses and try it out. It was awful! There is no real explanations or help, they just throw you in and start showing you pictures. They don’t really explain how the grammar works, and if you have a question, there isn’t a good index to refer to. I highly recommend Berlitz or the Easy Way (as in Chinese The Easy Way) if you are trying to learn a language. They cost way less and I had some great conversations when I went to Beijing this year 🙂

  194. Just took a peek at their site. There’s a big button on it that says “Buy Now”. Not “Rent Now”, “Lease Now” or any other variant. According to Webster, the definition of buy is:

    “1 : to acquire possession, ownership, or rights to the use or services of by payment especially of money”

    So it’s possible that You’re Purchasing or Buying a lease if you use that definition. However, the Free Online Law Dictionary defines Buy as:

    “Buy: verb, Acquire by purchase, acquire ownership of, bargain for, complete a purchase, contract, get in exchange, make a purchase, make one’s own, mercari, obtain, order, pay a price for, pay cash for, pay for, procure, procure title to, purchase, redeem, secure, secure for a consideration, trade.

    Which to me seems less open to interpretation.

    IANAL but I regard their website a deception and I imagine the courts would entertain a class action suit. Any ambulance chasers out there want to give it a go?

  195. Here’s my frustration. I’m a homeschooling dad who bought RS for my kids a few years back. I didn’t buy all of the levels immediately and figured I’d get the on down the road. When I bought it they were on Version 2 of the software. Now my kids need to move on. There is no clear transition path from V2 to V3. It has been radically changed. V3 is much more expensive because V2 covered twice as much info per CD as V3. Yet there is no way for me to legally buy French V2 Level 2. If I want to start my kids in V3 I have to go back and buy the earlier levels because they don’t cover identical material. If you have French V2 and you’d like to be rid of it, please let me know. You can contact me at the e-mail below, but pull out the x’s.
    [email protected]

  196. @Mike Comment, you called and had them reset the activation code.. What does that mean?
    did you have to pay for them to do that?

    @christine reids Comment, did it continue working for you after 30days, I don’t understand why you don’t type anything in for it to work.. can you do that on the Rosetta stone you buy from their website.

    this is so weird.. I’m looking to buy French 1-5 in the next week when I get some money.. and saw this on ebay
    is it safe??

    comment back for a reply or email please
    [email protected]


  197. mine got pull off on the ebay. Mine is brand-new, however, the ebay said that mine is violated the copyright. Is there anyway that I can resell it? HELP!!!

  198. I got Rosetta Stone’s French Lessons 1 & 2 as a gift from friends last Christmas. Had no idea how expensive a gift it was until reading the notes above. I have been using it since then with a girlfriend that had it for several years but never used it. We practice each week a new lesson. Love the program. We are both “visual” and the lessons are great. I use the audio in my car for a weekly two-hour trip. Great practice for understanding “native” speakers at full speed.

    My question here is:
    Does anyone know a teacher or coach who knows and uses Rosetta Stone? I took a class at a private center, but they insisted on my buying and using a $20 book. Terrible. I learned nothing after 8 weeks. Trying to memorize unrelated vocabulary lists and confusing conjugation rules didn’t work for me.

    If you know of anyone who teaches or coaches in the Orange County, CA area, please let me know! Thanks

  199. just download a cracked copy off the pirate bay. screw ’em..

  200. I bought the French version (expensive, Ouch!) my family loved it, but then we decided not to go to France so I wanted to sell it. I called Rosetta and they reset the activation code, but since then I’ve decided to keep it.

  201. Well duh. How do you expect then to make money if people buy the product from somebody else?

  202. 1. You don’t have to install the software to read the EULA; a paper copy is included in the box.

    2. You may not own the data disk that must be in your CD-ROM drive to use the program; but for what I’m reading, you do own the application software that is installed on the computer.

    I had my listing just pulled too. Can’t we simply sell the application and include the data disc for free?

    I haven’t read it completely, but I’m guessing the RS EULA has a rule about not selling single components in a package; however as one person already pointed out, why not give away the package and make up for it in shipping? As far as I know, there is no law against an eBay sale that sells a foreign language dictionary at a high price and includes an RS package for free.

  203. Is that website reselling Rosetta Stone legit? You know, the ones that say 90% discount? Has all sorts of bells and whistles (BBB and CNET symbols at the bottom of the page) but there are typos in the text so that sets off an alarm for me. And given all this discussion about how the software only has 1 or 2 installs in it, it sounds like it’s too good to be true. Anybody try it?

  204. The program is wonderful. I live with a native French speaker and he understands me. I have been studying since Jan and I am almost done with Level 2. It really does make you think in French. I think I would have bought the program with levels 1-5 as it is going to cost me a lot more to purchase levels 4 & 5 separately. I bought levels 1-3 for $429 on ebay from an authorized reseller. It will cost me another $400 for levels 4&5. I can buy 1-5 for $519 so it would have been a better deal.

  205. Has anyone bought the $40 or $100 all Rosetta language package off Craigslist? Do they work?

  206. I really wish I had come across this blog post before I spent over $300 on my Rosetta Stone German software and then committed the “crime” of taking the shrink wrap off. I also had an eBay auction with the software removed just yesterday. But I’m fighting it. I’ve filed a Counter Notice with eBay citing the First Sale Doctrine as upheld by Vernor v. Autodesk. Not sure if anything will come of it, but I’m not just rolling over. It is utterly ridiculous to sell a product and then tell your customers they can’t sell it. The First Sale Doctrine trumps their non-transferrable license as far as I can tell.

    I emailed the BSA (Business Software Alliance) who prompted the auction removal. After a couple of back-and-forths, I mentioned the Fair Sale Doctrine and they forwarded me to Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone gave me their song and dance about “protecting intellectual property” and how their license is an “industry standard.” Bullocks. Both Adobe and Apple, real “industry standard” companies both provide for a license transfer in their respective EULAs, albeit with certain conditions. The only thing I see Rosetta Stone protecting is their bottom line, by driving sales for new software by making used copies “illegal.” That is a very interesting business model.

    But it is a lesson learned. For me, the money spent on language software is much better sent on classes or time in another country learning the language. Classes are really a much more comprehensive and engaging educational experience for the money. But I’d much rather take that money and put it towards a plane ticket to the country whose language it is I want to learn. That’s by far a more through immersion than any software could hope to offer.

    That being said, I have copy of Rosetta Stone German 1 & 2 that I guess I have to give away for free, unless they expect me to take it to my grave. I’ll give the software away for free, but the shipping will likely be the price I was asking on eBay. Contact me if interested. Tschüß!

  207. My son gave me his Rosetta Stone and he lives out of town so I don’t know how well it works.

  208. Has anyone of you that actually bought the program learned to speak the language? That is what I’m interested in before I actually spend any money on it.

  209. If you do a nationwide search, you will find people selling copies for as little as $40 for many different types of rosetta stone. One person in particular ships them for free and uses paypal.

  210. Well, if you can’t get a good used copy on eBay, is there someone HERE who has a Rosetta Stone French for sale at a reasonable price? Thanks.

  211. Just need to obtain of Rosetta Stones Mandarin , and french languages. In today’s economy I can’t afford to but it out right. Can anyone let me know how to get it at garage sale prices, or gifted? I’m poor and I don’t need hassles of getting burned

  212. I see they are selling Rosettastone on Amazon. New and used. Check it out. They removed mine on eBay also.

  213. I bought arosetta stone of ebay, there are always loads of them. The listing was from a member who joined in america, but said the item was from australia but low and behold it came from china. I didn’t realise any of his until I bought, it was a buy it now item. I also noticed many listings sold with the same ‘used’ listing and exact same description. So I became suspicious and emailed ebay and they didn’t ay anything about selling rosetta stone being illegal. Really they should have given me a direct refund, should they not.

    Thats all besides the point. The rosetta stone arrived and its brand new in the packaging, stickers and all. Genuine article…… the only thing I can see that is different is the quick start guide tells you NEVER to register or activate it and it will work perfectly fine without doing so????? I dont get it. It was completely sealed, how could someone swap this, is there some place in china making exact copies ? I’m waiting for it to stop working but living in hope that it will keep on going. I am also quite horrified that I spent all this money and am not going to be able to get any off it back!!! Or that I didn’t get an activation code in the box and therefore if my computer crashes I won’t be able to use it again.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this… do you think its genuine or have I been scammed, is there something built into the software that on the 30th day its just going to stop working?

    Thanks for any thoughts


  214. The ironic part of this is that the original core materials that the product was developed from was originated by the US government at taxpayer expense and given to this private corporation at no cost.

  215. Just had my listings removed from ebay. Amazing, because I’ve been able to sell other softwares legally – provided I didn’t keep copies and removed the working copy from my computer. Given the $$$ I spent and the fact that they are selling later versions, I really am feeling pooped upon….

    I’d be in on a class-action! Just say the word!

  216. It would be nice to have French versions I, II, &/or III, the later the version the better, with audio. Maybe someday… [email protected].

  217. OK, I successfully SOLD my Rosetta Stone, so it is no longer for sale.

    If you are looking to buy or sell used copies, look up what you want on, and click on the option for used copies. They are not bothering to enforce Rosetta’s licensing hogwash. Hurray for Amazon!


  218. Same as Joe.. would anyone like to discuss with me the prospect of using my Rosetta Spanish latin American levels 1 and 2.. complete.
    [email protected]

  219. I’m looking for the French Rosetta Stone. Do you have one and how much?

  220. Am looking for French 123 versions, willing to pay for the “shipping”. Can they forbid you from giving it for free and only paying for the “transfer”?

  221. Hello. I’ve been reading, and I tried to purchase a used copy of Korean Rosetta Stone and I haven’t been able to find anything. Does anyone on this site have one that they are no longer using that I could “borrow”? I don’t have the $ to buy it, but I’d like to try it out. Please email me and let me know.

    super duper thanks,
    [email protected]

  222. How do I become a authorized reseller of Rosetta Stone?

  223. Does anybody know anything about I received an email from them under “Rosetta Stone Resellers” and am wondering if they are legit…

  224. Um, in keeping with the rules of this site, would someone like to discuss with me the prospect of using my Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American) Levels 1 & 2?


  225. i was looking to try and find an irish version of the R S in the library and yes i couldnt get one , Now i know why, cant see the problem in this as €400 or so is alot of money to pay out without trying it out, and rely wanted and needed to buy a good coures that it says it is but ill never now know

  226. Just wanted to chime in on the AutoDesk issue. There’s a write up (from 2008) on Ars Technica about the AutoDesk case.

    Short story: Same exact issue as you. eBay seller shut down for trying to resell AutoDesk software. AutoDesk lost & the judge affirmed the right to resell software regardless of what the EULA says on the subject.

    IANAL, but you might want to refer both the BSA and Rosetta to a copy of that ruling and suggest that they adjust their policies lest they end up on the wrong end of a similar suit. You can legally resell the software provided you destroy any copies in your possession and transfer all articles related to the application to the buyer. Any attempts to prevent you from doing so are an illegal infringement of your rights under the First Sale Doctrine of copyright law.

  227. The First Sale Doctrine is well established for cases like this – you CAN resell software, even if it is “licensed” to you.

    Of course, who’s eBay going to listen to – you, a single buyer, or the BSA? And the BSA (which should know better) is obviously going to listen to Rosetta Stone but not you.

    So in this case, although you are fully within your rights to resell the software, you kind of are subject to bullying from the BSA and Rosetta Stone simply because they’re bigger than you and can therefore get away with it easier (after all, it’d be hard and expensive to take them to court to get a ruling to force them to acknowledge your right to resell the software!).

    A sad state of affairs, to be sure.

  228. Preface: I am not a lawyer. Do not construe this as legal advice.

    The “violating our copyright” angle is a blowing smoke IMO. It isn’t a violation of their copyright. It is a violation of their license agreement. Big difference – one is copyright infringement, the other is breach of contract. Copyright infringement is prosecuted much more strongly, but that doesn’t make this copyright infringement.

    Further, I believe that a lawsuit in the last few years involving AutoDesk, makers of AutoCad, established that used software can be resold even if the company “prohibits” it under the Doctrine of First Sale (which says, so far as I understand, that you’re allowed to dispose of a lawfully obtained copy of a copyrighted work as you see fit). The big thing with the Autodesk case is that the court said “if it looks like a sale, it’s a sale”, even if the company calls it a “license”.

  229. For instance, they can write in there (and maybe they have) that they can deactivate the software whenever they’d like and that you have no recourse but to buy a new version at retail price. Fair? Doesn’t matter.

    Actually, no, that would certainly come under the Unfair Contract Terms Act and be struck down, especially in a business-to-consumer, non-negotiable contract like an EULA.

  230. Well, that’s EULA. You have decided to agree when installing it, and all it’s term ‘can be used against you’ 🙂

  231. Dave – Unless you bought this 8 years ago as well, this isn’t Rosetta Stone’s fault, but rather the retailer you purchased it from. Take it up with them for not continuing RS’s six month, unconditional guarantee by buying direct. Research your options before making a large purchase.

    It’s not like it’s more expensive to buy direct… they price match and sometimes even have promotions and offers that no one else does. Check out your local kiosk and ask about the specials. Again, research!

    Also, there is one license with two activations, but they can be deactivated and then installed on another computer. You’re not actually limited to two computers.

  232. I bought a legit copy from someone and now I am legally prohibited from using it? I also bought another copy from RS directly. In all, I’ve bought three copies, two from RS and one from a colleague who bought it legitimately.

    This is a ridiculous policy. Knowledge of this policy has removed whatever moral qualms I had about buying pirated copy, which are aplenty, even though I may not personally do it. I will not give grief to anyone who does.

  233. I was looking to purchase a used copy of the irish program. Your forum was very informative!

  234. I have always wondered why you can’t find them discounted!! now i know

  235. I ran into the same problem here listing it on eBay. I like David’s idea … I think we need to file a class-action lawsuit!

  236. Not olny is it insane – but IT IS NOT a copy right violation. Case law upholds this.
    Search “first sale doctrine”.
    Here is a brief from a case in WA State:

    It seems like the same thing – Software companies try to disregard the first sale doctrine by saying you did not “buy” the software – but you bought a “licence”. Thus you cannot re-sell the “licence” without thier permision.

    The only problem – EVERY COURT CASE has rulled otherwise.

    So – Rostetta stone CAN take down the auction… AND YOU CAN SUE them…and probably win.

    Looks like a nice class action lawsuit if you ask me…
    ARRRR….. – I wish I was a lawyer…

  237. This is insane!

    I bought a Rosetta Stone set just the other day. However, i wanted to return it since i found out the ‘scam’ that you couldn’t sell it to anyone else after you had finished with it.

    It is in perfect condition. The only thing is that i removed the sellotape in order to get to the CD’s. THEY WILL NOT GIVE ME A REFUND!

    This is a complete scam!

  238. so, what’s up with the ton of rosetta stone postings on e-bay. should they all be removed?

  239. I talked with Rosetta Stone just now and asked them about buying a used version. He told me that once the activation code has been used on 2 computers it is useless. So how will you know if you buy a used product, if they have installed it on 1 or 2 computers. You might get lucky but is it worth the chance.

  240. I , too, did not realize their licensing trap. Just had my listing pulled off BOTH eBay and local Craigslist. I’m going to relist and remove their Brand name…see how that goes. In the meantime, anyone want Level 1 Russian?

  241. There are a ton of these on eBay. Am I going to get ripped off?

  242. i bought a reduced price Rosetta Stone from Craigslist and it worked fine for me. keep looking they are available.

  243. JR,

    No, the bare fact is that you bought a piece of software, and you ought to be able to transfer your ownership rights to that piece of software to some other user down the road, just like you can with a book, a CD, or a car.

    What they’re trying to do is take away rights from you that you would have in any other purchase, by saying you haven’t really bought anything, you’ve merely “licensed” it. Since they write the license, they can dictate whatever terms they want, even terms that are incredibly unfair to the consumer, even if those terms give them powers undreamed of by the sellers in other kinds of sales transactions.

    For instance, they can write in there (and maybe they have) that they can deactivate the software whenever they’d like and that you have no recourse but to buy a new version at retail price. Fair? Doesn’t matter.

    Or, like here, they can make it impossible to resell. Something that by default you can legally do with any copyrighted work.

    What’s really interesting is that they claim that reselling is illegal, even if you haven’t opened the box. Presumably, if you haven’t opened the box, you don’t even know what the license says, but they’re claiming you’ve still agreed to it.

    This is just bad manners, and consumers should revolt against this type of thing.

  244. Look I buy a book, I read it, and I can resale it. Same for a CD, etc.
    One should be able to buy this and resale it, just like anything else.
    The fact that you can’t for whatever reason, to me is an abuse to the general public. Most precisely on a product that allows “learning”.
    I agree is a greedy corporate model.
    Im disppointed rosetta stone can get away with this in this country, or any.

  245. This is not a Copyright issue. I don’t think the software is copy-protected. The should change the terms of the EULA so that the copyright can be transferred.

  246. EH,

    The bare facts are that it is a copyrighted licensed work. Without copyright protection, Rosetta Stone would make one copy, the rest of the world would copy it, end of product. The current model encourages people to make products, not just have “something for nothing” people pirate it. I own a copy, and came to this site because I wanted to see if I can sell it. I’m disappointed, but I understand why I can’t.

  247. Jeje: Google the phrase “right of first sale” to familiarize yourself with the reasons why Rosetta Stone’s EULA is unconscionable. They’re running a gambit in order to force sales, but it would never hold up in court. Microsoft has already proven this.

  248. I wouldnt go near a product that costs a fortune and yet you dont own it – such a greedy corporate model. Amazed that it is even legal. Bet there is a lot of traffic in it on torrent sites….

  249. I was thinking of buying the Spanish. But didn’t want to pay all that money for it. Now I know why I couldn’t find a used cheaper version. That is crazy that they’ve priced it so high that single parents can’t offer our children langue choices, or just to support what the public schools offer to give a more complete education.
    In addition I would like to learn Spanish myself for work since I’m a customer service rep and talk to a lot of Spanish customers.

  250. Mine was pulled this past week. There were several others identical to mine, being sold by families after they were through with it, without ever being molested by BSA, Rosetta or eBay. I agree with another poster; maybe my opening bid was low and it was a flag. Meanwhile, about 50 others go by unmolested. Go figure. If anyone is interested Tell Me More language programs allow you to resell their product as long as you clean it off your machine before reselling it. It’s also just as effective and it costs less. You might consider their product, instead.

    I have no prob if a company “leases” their SW, but they need to state this up front before you buy, not in a check box. I bought mine about 8 yrs ago and since so many others were selling theirs I thought nothing of selling mine. It says to buy and purchase, not lease on their site. ?? Also, when I bought there was not 6 mth return policy. If I’d known I couldn’t sell their expensive package, I’d not have bought it to begin with…which is prob why they don’t tell you up front.

  251. Hello,

    I would like to start up a virtual language school in addition to tutoring, and I was thinking of leasing Rosetta Stone software, has anyone done this before? Is it possible to lease for commercial use? And how much would it cost?

    Thx for comments

  252. I’ve also had my Rosetta Stone sale pulled from ebay, and I think this whole thing is pretty ridiculous.

  253. Wow, some of the comments leave me speechless… First of all, RosettaStone offers you 6 month UNCONDITIONAL return policy. If you are unhappy with your product or whatever, just return it and get a full refund. If 6 months are not enough for you to realize if you like it or not, you should be learning reasoning instead of a language.
    Second of all, have any of you bought a licensed Software and then resold it?! Learn how the industry works.

  254. I purchased rosetta stone italian almost 6 months ago, I loved it, but I would never sell it, I completely recommend it to anyone who is interested in it… you ONLY get 2 downloads, so it is kinda pointless to buy a used version, you’d either be paying for only half of it, or a worthless one… but if one of your friends wants to split the cost with you to put it on their computer, what’s the harm in that? I do understand why you cannot sell the software, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from purchasing it in the first place… it works… ciao

  255. The same thing just happened to me. I’d never used the software so had no idea that this restriction existed until my ebay item was delisted. I would not have bought the thing if I had known I was stuck with it, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know NOT to buy Rosetta Stone software.

  256. Hello. I was thinking about selling my cd of Rosetta Stone as well, but when I was looking at all the sets on sale on ebay I noticed that none were private party. I started looking into it and saw this site….I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t resell a cd, you can resell an xbox…what’s the difference?

  257. Wondering why they particularly targeted me….also had mine removed ~ maybe because I started the bidding low ~ they hate competition. I will find a way to resell it ~ somehow! I am unemployed. If anyone is looking for the French Rosetta Stone Level 1 ~ let me know!

  258. We are looking for a used Rosetta Stone product to purchase, but obviously we can’t find such a thing on Ebay or Craigslist. Is there something in the software that would prevent another person from actually using the program on a different computer, or is it just the BSA issue? If we could actually use the software, I would be interested in talking with someone on this list that would still like to gift their program (for a price) for my 6yo daughter to use.

  259. I also tried to sell my Rosetta Stone on ebay, and it was removed. My brother who is an intellectual rights lawyer told me that Rosetta Stone’s policy about resell is legal but very controversial. I would not have a problem with their policy if they let you know about it before you buy the program. The first time a perspective buyer learns about the policy is when they actually try to install the program. The program is not that great anyway. I speak different foreign languages, and every language has things that make it difficult. Rosetta Stone teaches every language the same way. If you are learning Russian for instance, you would need to spend more time studying the case system, and if you were learning a romance language, on the other hand, you would need extra practice with the subjunctive. Rosetta Stone does not acknowledge those differences, and that is way many linguists do not like their programs.

  260. Mine just got pulled too. It was a present that stayed on my shelf for the past couple years. Too bad. =(

    I’ve been happy using Anki ( and I think it does a great job. It has an online sync, so you can study anywhere. There are plenty of decks in many languages on its website. It’s also spaced repetition, so it might be more efficient then Rosetta Stone. The only bummer is that I haven’t found a multiple user plugin, so I have to make a separate deck and change the sync info if someone else wants to use it on my computer.

    Thanks for the post. I hope potential Rosetta Stone buyers keep this in mind and maybe go with a more open product.


  261. If I buy a copy on ebay that has never been installed before, but only comes with the CD-ROMS will it still work on my computer?

  262. Forget buying it, just do an advanced search on google for rosetta stone containing all the words “complaint”

    What about forming a private club and charge a $5.00 membership to each member and buy rosetta stone in the name of the club and that way all members could have access to it? Sign up 5 million members and screw rosetta stone just hire a full time interpitor. Plus that would cover all other software the members wanted to use. I don’t think BSA has authority over software bought by a private club for it’s members. Have a nice day. The CEO

  263. This is directly from Rosetta Stone:

    “Can I sell my used Rosetta Stone Software?”

    Reselling a used copy of Rosetta Stone would be an infringement of our copyright. Rosetta Stone software is licensed, not sold. A buyer purchases a license to install and use the program, not to sell Rosetta Stone software. These terms are set out in the End user License Agreement, which prohibits distribution to a third party.

    “If I can sell a used copy of a book, why can’t I sell this software?”

    Unlike a book, software must be supported by Rosetta Stone. Your license purchase entitles you to the ongoing skilled services of our customer support staff. We make this costly investment to serve our licensees while using the best language learning software being sold today.

    “I bought this exact item from eBay. Why was that not a problem when the seller was selling it?”

    It was not a problem provided the seller was Fairfield Language Technologies, the owner of Rosetta Stone copyright, or an authorized reseller. Otherwise it was a problem because your seller was infringing our copyright. There are two primary ways copyright may be violated. One is by making or selling a counterfeit copy. If your set was not a “complete version,” i.e.. did not have the User’s Guide, Curriculum Text, and original box, it is very likely a counterfeit copy even though it might look original to you. The other way a copyright may be violated is by sale or distribution without authorization by the owner of the copyright.

    “What if I have a new, unused, unopened copy of Rosetta Stone software? Can I sell it on eBay?”

    This would be an unauthorized sale in violation of our copyright, unless you are an authorized seller.

  264. I am considering buying it as it seems to be the best. So I investigated the information you and others are concerned about regarding resell and it seems that legally users can resell it – as it is not illegal to resell it. BUT if you attempt to resell it on a website like Ebay or Amazon then it won’t go thru as those websites have ‘agreements’ w/ Rosetta to pull those items. So- you can still resell it to someone in person or garage sale etc. Is that your understanding also? Also w/ version 3 does that allow to place on 2 pc’s?



      • Do you still have Rosetta Stone Italian for sale?


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